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When she first met my parents Andrew’s sister, Libby, described them as adorable little Hobbit people. An apt description I think. I’m proud to have come from Hobbit stock.

That having been said we got about two inches of snow last night. Not a huge amount, but enough to make everything pretty for a while and, if it sticks around, enough to make the drive to work tomorrow REALLY interesting. 😯 Thank ZOT for all wheel drive.

But, as y’all will have noticed, Andrew and I feed birds. We feed a LOT of birds and we feed them all year round. Frigid weather and snow make it difficult for the birds so we try to keep our feeders well stocked and our birdbath unfrozen. As a side note, I was pleased to find that regardless of snow it wasn’t cold enough last night to freeze the hummingbird feeder. The persistent little demonchildren otherwise known as Anna’s hummingbirds don’t freakin’ migrate so when it’s cold enough to freeze the sugar water in their feeder, as it was last week, I’m always concerned.

Anyway, back to the snow….
Snow and cold make it difficult for the birds. This time of year usually the first thing we do in the morning (after feeding the cats of course) is to go out and make whatever adjustments in the bird feeders need to be made so that everyone can eat and drink.
It is a compliment to my Hobbit heritage, I think, that after I spread fresh seed for the ground feeders, knocked the snow off of the hummingbird feeder, and put fresh water in the birdbath that I got a lot of pleasure in sitting and watching while all the birds came crowding back.
It’s nice to know we’re good hosts!

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