Wellman type 1?

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I don’t like crowds. I don’t like crowds, loud music, bright, constantly flashing lights, and I don’t like either drunk people (with a few notable exceptions), or Elvis.
I don’t smoke, I don’t gamble, I don’t drink (okay, I _do_ drink, but I don’t _Las Vegas_ drink) and the very last word that anyone would use to describe the pace of my life would be “frenetic”.

So why did I do this again?……..

oooooooooooooYEAH (little tiny Gir voice) that pesky little licensing requirement.

So I’m back in Vegas.

And before I go berserk at trying to type anything coherent on my i-Pad keyboard, I’d like to make the following observations:

1. I was walking around the other day and was amused, but not terribly surprised to run across an Imperial Stormtrooper, Hello Kitty, a dude with dreadlocks playing Bee Gees on his steel drums, and a zombie with a chain around his ankle pawing and drooling at the front window of the Coca Cola store.
All in one city block. 😯

2. The M&M store is a very dangerous place.


3. This place ain’t no Mos Eisley (damn, can’t figure out how to imbed links on my-Pad), but The Strip really is a miserable place.

I fully intend to expand on the above, but y’all is gonna have to wait until I’m back at a proper keyboard.

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