Born To Be Mild

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I swear, I get some of my best stuff from NPR’s Marketplace.

The stock price for all-American motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson dropped 17 percent today, on news that their projected earnings for this year will be less than expected. Most analysts blame a sluggish economy, combined with higher energy costs.

H-D is in a bit of a bind, because the Baby Boom Generation—which helped saved Harley from bankruptcy by pouring their not-inconsiderable wealth into the company throughout the 90s—are starting to move past their motorcycle-buying years. The company is working hard to develop a following among current twentysomethings in order to fill a serious projected sales gap in the coming years.

The answer to this problem seems obvious to me: Harley-Davidson needs to retain their current loyal customers by branching out. If your average Boomer was hot to purchase the cherished hog of his fiery youth in the previous decade, imagine the money this venerable symbol of American pride and vigor could rake in in the next decade with the rollout of their brand-new line of Harley Davidson Signature Senior Scooters.

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