Food Fright, Part 5

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Food Fright Part 5

This may be the best candidate for the title of Food Fright I have encountered to date. After all, there’s so very much to be frightened of here; the nausea that comes from witnessing yet another spurious Star Wars product tie-in; the spectre of individual oat molecules doped with a thousand times their weight in sugar; and the horrible yet all-too-real possibility that the only thing that will suck worse than the cereal itself is the movie from whence it gets its name.

What disturbed me most when I first spotted the box on the shelf at my local grocery store, however, was the expression on Yoda’s face. I think the designers were trying for a look of steely resolve. To me, though, the wise old gnome appears to be in a state of high piss-off. He looks like they took the shot just before he vaulted over the cereal bowl and pummelled the photographer. “Keep you away from my cereal, or kick your ass I will, mm, yes!”

I think I’ll stick to oatmeal. Not only is it healthier, the Quaker Oats guy seems a tad more even-keeled.

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