Cool Names For Restaurants

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I’m going to a house-warming party tomorrow (Margaret is working), so I went to Trader Joe’s to get some stuff to make hummus. (I make a rockin’ hummus. I’m going to ad bits of sauteed Shiitake and carmelized onion to this batch.) It has long been my contention that you can grab any three things off the shelves at TJ’s, throw them in a food processor, and concoct something wonderful to serve on toast points at your next party. Er, perhaps avoiding the soap and pet food aisles.

Anywho, I decided to use naan for the hummus delivery device. Naan is a flat bread from India; sort of a tandoori tortilla. I threw three packages into my basket.

Later while we were winding down for the evening, I happened to glance at the three bags of naan nestled together like sleeping puppies on the counter, and it occurred to me that I had a great name for a restaurant. I come up with these sometimes, probably when the tumor in my head grows a little.

I thought it would be great to start an Indian restaurant called….drumroll please….Naan Sequitur.

I could put it up kitty corner to my vegetarian establishment, Soy Disant. And just down the block from my American cuisine eatery, Sans Sushi.

Of course, competition would be pretty stiff, given the proximity of our friend Gary’s noodle shop, The Phở King.

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