Partial Victory In The Battle Of The Bugs

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In case you missed it, an eleven-year-old boy has used the prestigious Interweb to force Warner Brothers into a holding action over their upcoming thirteen-toed bastard child of the wonderful Looney Tunes cartoons, called Loonatics. You may recall my earlier post on the subject.

Thomas Adam’s goal was to convince Warner Brothers to create new characters for their series, rather than polluting the well-known personas of long-standing cartoon icons such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and the Tasmanian Devil. The online petition caused the media giant to rethink the edgy, Anime-derived design of the new characters, who are positioned as battlers of evil in the year 2772. They still intend to air the show, but getting them to rein in the extreme makeover is at least a start. Perhaps the extra attention will influence the viewing habits of their target demographic, and the show will wither and die on the vine.

You can sign Thomas’ petition here.

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